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How would you like if you can tell your website to change pages without lifting a finger?
Let me show you how you can benefit by making your salespage change to different pages AUTOMATICALLY!

Dear Friend,

How many times have you pass a salespage saying that the offer will end tonight at 12AM?
Or have you set up such a page?

Which ever ways, these are usually just words to make the visitor buy your product. However when your visitors visit the same page a few days later, they will be told that the SAME offer will end that again?

Do you that by doing so, you are actually losing their trust! They will then know that you always have something up, so the next time you play the same game, they will just turn away because they know they can get the SAME offer any time. They wont fall for the same trick again! They are not stupid, neither are you.

Some possible reasons for setting up that tricks are:

Not sure when to end it
Afraid you could not change the page on time
You are ignorant of your customers\' intelligence

Auto-Launch-End Pagemaker - It will really end your sales
for you on time as specified!!

Let\'s talk about launching your sales.

Have you ever wanted to have a prelaunch offer? Do you want to tell your prospect the actual launch date? Do you want to make an offer that no one can refuse because the sales WILL end?

Or if you do not want to auto launch or end your sales, then maybe you would like to make it frenzy!

Like for an example you have a very unique and high value product that you want to sell:
On 10th June - You sell it for $6
On 12th June - You sell it for $10
15th June onwards - It will cost $23

Well, with auto-launch-end maker, you can! And it is all automated!

There are many ways you can do with this incredible program!
How about limiting the number of sales?

Example: Let\'s limit the special price of $6 for the first 20, the $10 for the next 20 and the original price for the others.(see the illustration below)

Do this easily with Auto-Launch-End Pagemaker!

Easy to use - Too easy that it won\'t involve any codes, html, SQL or even copy-and-paste!

Make a prelaunch page - Before the product launches, you might want to ask visitors to subscriber to be one of the early birds!

Launch sales on specific date! - Now you can launch a sales on a date your have specified and it will change the page automatically on that date!

End sale on specific date - No more lying to your visitors, telling them it will end tomorrow and tomorrow never ends!

Sales booster - If you have great offer that is DAMN new and hot, with the right strategy, you can prelaunch with a special price and launch it with the normal price!

Flexible - Not only that you can use to automatically launch or end or launch and end your sales, but you can also use it to make your offer HOT!

Can be integrated - Guess what? You can even integrate with other scripts like rollercoaster, dimesales, discount, etc! Example: during the prelaunch you run the rollercoaster script, when it launches, the offer will be at its normal price!

But what would happen if you dont use Auto-Launch-End maker?
You have to keep replacing pages every time you know your offer has expire
It might even disturb your sleep because you have to change the page on the specific time as promise

You might even forget to change the page on the specific time and date!
During one of the replacements, you encounter some problems and thus, your new page/offer has to delay. You might lose a lot of customer if your page shows that there is no such page.
Or if you are more unfortunate, you misplace your new page or forget what its name is, then you will have to redo the new page!

License Terms:

[YES] Can be added to a membership site
[YES] Can be bundled with other products
[YES] Can be sold
[YES] Can sell Master Resales Right
(suggested price: $15)
[YES] Can be used as bait to boost a paid-for product or
give as bonus
[NO] Can be given away for free
[NO] Can be modified

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